As a die cut company we ensure to provide high quality product of molds and die to create edge that will contribute to the success of our customers. And to deliver fast to achieve our customer satisfaction.


Speed! Speed! Speed! Life is Density Density


We Noda is very important to "speed". 
Trends in the "speed" era are becoming increasingly faster and always cherish.

"Speed ​​to respond to customer's demand" 

"Speed ​​to win trust"

"Speed ​​to nurture human resources"

"Speed ​​of development and growth"

By constantly conscious of speed, we will eliminate the dull work style and work efficiently. I think it is the same as doing a dense way of life in my life. 
If it is only a single life, it is better to have a stronger content. 
It may be the opposite of common slow-life, but if anything greedy and thick and long way of life "Big Life" The group of such way of life is Noda. 
As a result, we can discover new discoveries in the day, and we are able to lead to acquisition of know-how and technology.